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  • Forging exclusively aluminum open die forgings.

  • Serving multiple markets including Aerospace, Military, Defense, Automobile, Semiconductor, Nuclear and Space Manufacturing. 

  • Our experience team of metallurgists and technicians delivers quality and consistency to your forging requirements.


Of all structural metals and alloys, the aluminum alloys are the most readily forged to precise intricate shapes.


Hydraulic presses often are preferred for aluminum because they are most versatile and slow forging speeds are of little concern, compared to what would be true for steel forgings.


Hand forgings are commonly produced in simple shapes such as squares, rectangles, biscuits and multi-faced rounds.


Pre-formed Shapes and Special Shapes

Superior can also forge pre-formed shapes and special shapes depending on your order.


Standard-shape hand forgings can be described without the aid of a drawing. A critical factor in designing small forgings is the grain-flow patterns.


The predominant direction of grain flow is normally longitudinal in squares, rectangles, and multi-faced rounds. In biscuits, the predominant grain flow is usually radial.

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