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The Superior Commitment

At Superior, we believe that significant results can only come from great work, which is what we’ve been committed to since our founding in 2000. We’re an influential small business dedicated to helping our clients get in front of the right audiences.

Through a combination of press work, promotions and events, we’ve become experts at getting our clients’ brands noticed. We form strong and successful relationships and partnerships with our clientele, and are proud of the heights we reach together.

The Superior Edge

Forging quality into every product we produce. Personalize service is the goal and hallmark for superior. We take extreme care with your order from start to finish. Just one of the advantages of working with a local forging company.

Exceptional Value

Superior handforge purchases their inventory when supply and market price is at its lowest pricing, resulting in the best pricing for your project. Purchasing is based on historical forecasting and industry trends.

Consistent, Reliable & Quick Delivery

Your project is important to us and so are you as a customer. We make every effort to be efficient and turn your project around for you, without sacrificing the quality and responsibility we have to provide you with the best forged block in the industry.

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